“Jenny is an outstanding Speech and Language Therapist who has the ability to motivate and reassure students of all disabilities. She is a compassionate and organised person who has fantastic analytical skills and is a very valued member of the SEND team.

Jenny’s determination to improve and develop student’s communication skills are admired by all. Jenny’s empathy and guidance helps to create a great rapport between herself, students and parents. She also is a great teacher, consistently sharing knowledge and keeping us up to date on strategies and resources. We are very lucky to have Jenny in a our department.” SN, SEND tutor.

“I have been working with Jenny for the past (4/5 years!?). I have never worked with anyone with such a passion for speech and language. I began working with Jenny as a new teacher, and she taught me so much about creating a communication friendly environment for my learners. Jenny has a wealth of experience, creative ideas and resources; that have positively impacted our learners and allowed them to develop their communication and self-advocacy skills. She truly works in partnership with the learners and staff at the college and takes feedback and ideas from others to continually evolve her practice. “ DH, SEND tutor.

“I’m a SEN teacher working closely with Jenny for many years, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Jenny helped me in finding effective ways of communicating with our non-verbal and verbal students that seem to ‘unlock’ them. Jenny has put a lot of effort into arranging for the communication devices (iPads) and designed visuals that assist our students during their lessons time. This also enriches their family lives and helps in their everyday communication. Thank you, Jenny, for doing an amazing job!” KD, SEND tutor.

“Jenny is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated Speech and Language Therapist who always goes the extra mile to find ways of providing learners with the communication equipment they need and to support individuals and staff in its use. She also is a source of great ideas, guidance and advice to enable learners and staff and families to better communicate with each other. What is more she is extremely patient and empathetic with everyone she works with and those she supports. She is indispensable for us and our setting.” PT, SEND tutor.

“Jenny is very knowledgeable, calm and helpful. I had the pleasure of working with her, in order to help a student that has a speech impairment and needs assistive technology in order to communicate. Jenny helped find the best program that works for him. Worked with the family in order that they can help make good use and help him communicate now and in the future. Ensured her sessions, are fun and engaging so each week the person and their family, learnt something different and was able to be empowered with different ways devices in order to improve their communication skills.” MS, Learning Support Practitioner.

“It is impossible to ignore the enormous positive impact Jenny has already made to the lives of young people.  I have been privileged to witness this first hand.

From face-to-face assessment through the sound methods she recommends and uses, her work in the field of speech and language therapy is nothing less than exemplary.” AS, SEND tutor/ Communication Support Worker with Deaf People.

“Since being under Jenny (as his speech and language therapist at college), my son’s speech improved which gives him more confidence as he is able to express himself more. The richness of his session was evident as soon as he reaches home as he is always happy to try new words. The most enjoyable is the smile he gives when he says something and realised that we as a family actually understands him. Within a short time, his understanding was such that he was assessed for AAC, which he was able to use, who would have thought that he has that skill!

Jenny has person centred approach, which highlights each individual needs and she works tirelessly to enhance the experience of each student. She is also supportive of me as a parent, no queries is too much, she takes the time to answer all my questions and equipped me with the understanding of how to work with my son at home for continuity. I highly recommend her.” AA, parent.

Jenny is extremely knowledgeable, patient and approachable and has dealt calmly and has responded promptly with a range of challenges we have faced and has come up with excellent suggestions and strategies.  She is respected not only by us but also by the college staff team and the Local Authority.  I cannot emphasis enough what a difference Jenny has made as part of my son’s education and life – with this consistent support he has achieved level 3 studies at college, has worked part time and is now moving onto a supported internship.  I can thoroughly recommend Jenny without hesitation.” JI, parent.

“Jenny has been very supportive and helpful with my son. She has given us many idea on how we can help him with his speech that are fun as well as constructive. She is very patient and has built a good relationship with him so that he looked forward to her sessions. She has guided us through the various technologies that are available so that Luca can keep communicating with as many people as possible and has help us set this up so that we have confidence going forward. Thanks Jenny.” LS, parent.

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